John Lally - Artist

Welcome to John Lally - Artist.

I attended Camberwell School of Art London and gained a degree in Fine Art. My personal tutor was Euan Uglow. I feel fortunate to have experienced his utter committment and deep seriousness in his approach to painting.

On leaving Camberwell I worked for a number of years in a stained glass studio in London, an experience that gave me an insight and appreciation into the commercial art world. Furthermore working creatively within the medium of glass was fascinating and deeply satisfying.

Much of my professional life has involved working in education, teaching art. I have worked in numerous establishments and in a number of different sectors, e.g. Further education, secondary/middle schools and teaching art in a prison. Both in my professional life and personally the notion of artistic expression and creativity is central to my identity. I have designed a number of stage sets for the theatre: the Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds, one of the most beautiful and oldest theatres in England, in addition I have written poems and had a number published.

However my main interest and passion lies in painting and it is in this area that I have produced the main body of my creative output.