John Lally - Artist

About the Paintings.

I don't particularly care to write at any length about my work since I've always considered that the language of painting often doesn't find an easy approximation to the language of words. However some of the following notes may be of some interest.

The series of paintings featured on my website cover a period of years, some are very recent. All these images correspond to 'experiences' and relate to my travels in the Middle East, e.g. Syria, Egypt and Israel. It is my intention that each image suggests a sense of place and mystery...

I choose to work with acrylic paint rather than other media because it facilitates a quick intuitive response, something I value greatly. I use board in preference to canvas since it gives me the option of attacking the surface and using those marks as an integral part of the compostion. Regarding the image, I like to work within the constraints of a particular theme, thus over a period of time becoming familiar with those particular elements inherent in the subject and hopefully achieving some manner of freedom as a result.

Of all the pictorial elements in painting, for me, colour is of primary importance. I greatly admire the masters of colour in this respect: Bonnard, Van Dongen, Nolde and Van Gogh. Colour used in an emotional way rather than used literally.

Most fo the paintings in theis series are similar in size 47cm x 70cm, some are larger